Nova Ruth

Nova Ruth is a life artist, musician and activist. Her first music project, the conscious rap duo Twin Sista performed in contexts as diverse as prisons, cheesy shopping malls, poetry festivals and punk gigs across her native Indonesia. As a solo performer, Nova Ruth spread her poetry and raps wider, traveling to Australia in 2008 at the invitation of Gang Festival. Nova is now part of the Barcelona-based AV project Filastine, where she sings, raps and plays drums on stages from Cairo to Paris to Tokyo. Her work with Filastine includes a pair of videos that address cultural and ecological frictions, winning critical acclaim and an award from the United Nations OCHA. Despite being on tour nearly half of every year Nova continues to dedicate much of her time to projects within Indonesia, including two acoustic bands, Ajér and Mimimintuno. Nova opened a cafe & cultural space called Legipait in her hometown of Malang, Java, where she organizes art expositions, micro-concerts, and readings. Nova worked for years with Engage Media, a social justice and environmental video site for the Asia Pacific. At her second home, Barcelona, she joined a group of story tellers and made a project called Stories From The Anthropocene, produced remotely a shadow puppet video in collaboration with young video maker, Melati Nur Fajri, art collective, Taring Padi and musician/story teller, Deugalih. Kalapaku process took for one week in the outskirt of Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Her recent projects are writing a book and album about her experience on borders, also preparing a floating slow performance tour, Arka Kinari, with Filastine. By next year, Nova hope to share her works to remote areas and port cities of Indonesia either through land and sea in the archipelago.